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About Us

As pioneers in the field of batteries and battery cells, we do everything we can to provide new energy storage technologies for the transformation towards a CO2-free future with new hardware, intuitive software and innovative business models. To achieve this, we take unconventional paths, make bold decisions and work closely with our customers to achieve this goal.  



Sustainable & affordable energy must be available for all human beings.

We firmly believe that every species on these planets should have access to clean, affordable energy. This can only be achieved with products and business models that are in harmony with nature and the naturally available resources. Sodium-ion technology is a key technology for this.  


We are focussing on generating market demand for sodium-ion applications in the first phase. This includes exploratory analyses of various use cases and the development of new business models. 
In the second phase, we are building up corresponding production capacities for cells and modules in Europe to diversify the value chain.

Nachhaltige Energie

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